Saturday, 23 June 2007
Have patience - I'm a Sgitheanach learning to roll a blog. Is it harder than Norsamik Masikkut? - Transfers & updates are on the way, along with reference movies covering instructional 1 on 1 or private small cell rolling workshops that are based around naturally improving an individuals awareness toward centre of movement. As intense as these can be, they also have to be fun. Later, there will be some madness above & beyond the call of kayaking, Qajaasaarneq exercises, some well hidden coastal deviation routes through the Western Isles, & sheds more. I'll try to keep it all entertaining informative & direct. The links on here will also work over time, but remember, there is an endless ocean out there to contend with as well.

As an aside, whilst giving this blog an address I decided to use the word Qajariaq in the title quite purposefully, rather than Qajaq becuase although my kayak follows the style of the Greenland kayak in it's truest form - it is not one. Qajaq is the Greenlandic word for specific skin-on-frame kayak designs. When they prod at commercially built Acuta or Feathercraft they say Qajariaq, with a smile in their eyes, which means similar to a kayak but not quite what they consider traditional by breed or birth at the hands of local crafstmen. I respect the historic traditions that bring the Inuit to those conclusions, with great ease.

Soon I will rebuild the 2nd black SOF, amongst the autumn burned turf on the Northern tip of Lewis; & the wind will rock the barn corrugate, & Port Nis rollers will throw violence into black gniessian jaws, streaks beyond Toul a' Roigh
. And turning late fires into drifts of cold haar, I'll track the winter waters edge, the viel at dawn, & set myself amongst its cloth, & its fury, & its fight. Ae fond

A wee bit of trivia for you anyway, & the first post of what could easily turn into endless ranting.

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At 5 July 2007 at 00:11, Anonymous Anonymous

Good luck with the new blog, but ...

I can't read it! The black is faint, the brown is illegible. I had to highlight all the text to read it.

Bigger bolder text perhaps?

Best wishes


At 6 July 2007 at 11:24, Blogger Si M'Congaile

Hi & thanks for the input. I'll have a wee tweak shortly & make everything a little stronger & less subtle.