Friday, 24 October 2008

...& the Met Office issued this on top of some excellent lightning storms at 1300 Sat 25 Oct - Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath including the Outer Hebrides.
Wind: Southwesterly gale 8 to storm 10, occasionally violent storm 11, Westerly veering 6 to gale 8, occasionally severe gale 9.
Sea state: Very rough or high, occasionally very high.
Weather: Rain then squally showers.
Visibility: Moderate or poor, occasionally good.
Activity: Windy walks above wild empty seas, cloddy hoofs & some cliff edge ballet.

... Breathe up to me...
Breathe in through me...Why don't you...
Breathe out through me...

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Sunday, 19 October 2008

The winter & autumnal winds are here, circling the house, throwing up leaves & rainstorms. I have taken to hiding under the downy, in fact I have rediscovered hiding under the downy all over again. Only the collies nose is visible at the other end of the bed & my woolly socks are half hanging off giving the cosy impression of Rumplestiltskin feet. And get this, the torch works, under the covers with a good book. I have regressed somehow. I had forgotten I'm allowed to do this. I rarely allow myself to enjoy times like this, for fear of missing out on the next Greenlandic equivalent of wiggling my nose, the next kayaking mission where I will fling myself into the elements, a frail entity in a small craft engulfed by Goliath. All qajaq are storm tied for the duration.

But now it's downy time, Sunday, rattling windows & leaves finding their way in through the kitchen window. I am as ever, enjoying finding them in bizarre places. I did stand upright briefly, to open the door for the collie, who dutifully looked out, looked back at me & said, Naw, yer ok man, I'll cross mallaigs. We're going nowhere & we're both proud of it. I have started to re-read Paul Carters excellent book entitled Don't Tell Mum I work on The Rigs - She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse, only coming out for more crackers & hot chocolate. There is a dusting of snow on the higher Cuillin & the eviscerating wind on patrol serves only to bolster my resolve to get a vast amount of crumbs in the bed by this evening & some Cullen Skink in my belly by night fall. Bar cold sprints across the boards to restock & a Fugloy solo circ nav invading my thoughts at each turned book leaf, all the heros are on hold.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008
To here:

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All comments on the new site are as ever welcome. The blog will also mutate over & appear in Flash form as soon as i can figure that bit out as well, so nothing will be lost. The Digital Darkroom galleries will also become a lot more extensive, allowing up-the-ways slides as well as full stretch limo type sidey-ways panoramas. Much more to do, & the collie has mistaken the word relocating, for reclining; but winter is warming up & the diminishing daylight corridors allow me more time in the realm of Flash swf & Macromedia xmhl file tinkering...I know & you know it, I'd rather be dancing on an iceflow North of Tromso or chewing taqqat for my new qajaq project, or rolling in the cold ocean..
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