Sunday, 22 March 2009

Qajaq Building with Skyak Adventures

•≈ Turner Wilson -& I imagine Cheri also- will be visiting Gordon Brown & the Isle of Skye from the 6th to the 17th of May. He will be here to guide anyone interested in participating, in the building & design of their own skin-on-frame qajaq. Duncan Winning will also be there as will Mark Partridge, bringing to the table a vast knowledge base in wood selection, boatbuilding & paddling expertise.

The cost will be £1250.00 per head & this will include all materials use of the workshop & tools. Not bad when you wiegh it all up. Your own skin-on-frame & a gain in knowledge & build techniques for just over a thousand notes. There are no many SoFs on the islands & it would be good to see a few more trucking around. Gordon & Morag say that this does not include accomodation but they can easily guide individuals to their preferred option. Personally I'd go for camping at the end of their garden with a banjo. :o)
I would have been there to help people fine tune their rolling, advanced or basic & get to grips with their new low volume delights for free as a side show, but unfortunately I will be engaged elsewhere with a prior Igdlorssuit client commitment...

Anyone still interested in a place on the course should drop an email in on Gordi & Morag at or maybe ring that bell on 01471 833428 - Places are going like hot cakes! I'm sure it will be a great gig & a success to be repeated.

Once upon a time...

There was a qajaq-rolling junkie, who met a qajaq-rolling fool...

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Friday, 13 March 2009
A day [or three] at Aird Feinis, Na Hearadh - following reeks of strong wind & heavy breaking swell - rolling with the punches. It's an almost constant feature of this part of the coastline throughout winter. It is also, some of the best, unsung sea kayaking ground in the Hebrides. The Jurassic DNA of this area is rampant, its wild thrown skylines, cut by great volcanic incisors dominating each turned corner & geo.
The surf landing site in the photo is for SoFs only - composites need not apply. Well ok, they can apply, but they will lose a good 8 inches of nose trying to fill out the form. :o)

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•≈ The Storm
Thursday, 5 March 2009
Sometimes if you put the kayak in the sea - you may not be around for very long. Needless to say I was still tempted to get into a knife fight with the elements. :o)

Ama whale on a beach without these pelagic fireworks, without this ocean. The Anas & my soul are primed. Today was a day of huge Atlantic storm waves trying to climb 150ft cliffs....& nearly making it!
I was perched on a 4ft skiddily wet ledge, having downclimbed a 30 or so foot section of damp cliff when this came thundering in. I got a wee bit wet & nearly torn off, but it was worth grimacing for the shot. I should dig out those mouldy old climbing ropes next time. For a bit of perspective, the small white ledge left in the black mass could easily accomodate two adults.
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