Monday, 2 February 2009
A couple more random test shots, the first hand held using the ND filter stacked on the UV...Ideally, a tripod is a must when the shutter is open for an extended time to achieve a crisp result of movement against the immovable. Remote shutter release is better than self timer. A top tip for any LX3 owners who prefer remote shutter cable release is this fella: •≈ Richard Franiec who will hand build a hot shoe adapter.
Anyway, being a lazy ass, I refused to carry the tripod out into the wild this time, since yomping 17ft kayaks over cliff tops to water, one on each shoulder, is inherently part of the day job...Nooo! A cannae even carry ma own CAKE today man...Am no carrying yers!!
I should get the collie a rucksack or a wee wheelie sled so he can carry cake... & tripods. There's an idea!

Exposure: 0.3 [1/400]
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal Length: 5.1 mm
ISO Speed: 80

bandoned & derelict church teetering on the edge of a Western abyss in the Hebrides. A great place to kayak through below under weaving sea arches.
Exposed for the feel of the day rather than for documentary detail.
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