Thursday, 26 June 2008
•≈ Goodbye Mike..... you will be deeply missed ≈•

I have lost all the words...
All the words that I thought would be brilliant & lit up...
I could write for miles...but our friend is dead - long live our friend. I can only quote Doug here...

The world is a better place because of people like Mike Thomson and it is poorer with his passing.

I don't think a day will pass where somehow you will pop up in mine or someone elses heart & mind Mike. Ergo, a person only dies when nobody remembers them, & inside each new day, & inside each closing of that day.
- for me, & to phrase it simply -
You are not dead, not by a fucking long shot, you have merely peeled off a tired body.
Go well Mike, & occasionally drop by, & smile at our antics.
I will always miss you, mostly when it catches me by suprise...
Without your presence, one less harbour that meant anything - doesn't. I am also half the person I am on your passing - but twice the man I was for knowing you.
Thankyou for everything.

By the way - she always knew you wern't just ''nipping to the post office'' :o)
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