Wednesday, 18 June 2008
I'm a little confused as to why Reed habitually cover their items in decals. I've just taken delivery of a new Akullisaq - a greenlandic style of spraydeck which benefits rolling & touring in summer conditions where a Tuiliq would otherwise cook the occupant. After a discussion with Chris in the cutting room we devized a cunning plan to make the Akullisaq fit the keyhole cockpit of one of my kayaks, since the Akullisaq is traditionally cut for ocean cockpits. Reed have never made one like this before. Lets just say its great, well thought out & well tailored. BUT WHY COVER IT LOGOS!
Gah...everytime I get a new peice of Reed, I end up sitting on the floor with a black waterproof dye marker subduing the white advertising. I KNOW WHO BLOODY WELL MADE IT! Why graffiti the thing & ruin a sleek black garment with crass advertisements?? If it didnt have Reed stamped all over it, I'D STILL KNOW WHO BLOODY MADE IT, since i don't have Alzheimers...yet. To my mind, if an item needs advertising it should be through the kayaking communities.
Who made that? Reed did. Oh I'll get one.
l like it!.
How simple is that! I feel ike a floating f*cking billboard for manufacturers. I have tested that I would still know it is a Reed garment because the first day my Acuta arrived I stripped the decals from it. Same with my Lendal Wings. Not once have I wandered outside & shocked myself into confusion about the make & model...Oh I have a Nordkapp!! or is it the Feathercraft!?! Maybe that's my skin on frame qajaq? Help I'm lost!!..

Brrr brrr -brrr brrr: Hello reed Chillcheater..
Ah yes hi, can I have an aquatherm garment without logos please?
Oh we can't really do that...
Eh? can't not put them on? Are you being held at gunpoint by the logo police?
Hold on, so I'm paying YOU to become a floating advert with a Reed rubber stamp on my forehead? Maybe I should advertise Cillit Bang by shouting at seals & pursuing kayak groups in the dark since there is some in the bothy toilet?

Brookes can manage not to turn their tuiliqs into advertising oppurtunities...Unfortunately I can see no chemical way of removing these decals from the aquatherm material without damaging it so subduing them permanently is the best evasion of playing fiddle to advert world. What's more, & very apparent in the photo below, the method of welding these logos to the garment invariably leaves permanent round stamp marks inside a square outline also embedded within the aquatherm fabric which eventually weakens & occasionally fails at those points. So, apart from all that, bloody great kit.

Hand subdued advertising

Hybrid Akullisaq logo subdued

That'll be my Wednesday rant.

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