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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

If anyone is up for a 2008 jolly around 62°00'N, 06°47'W, drop me an email or use the mobile on the left. An obligatory bivy at the Fugloy Egyptian face is traditional, & as is the customary procedure, much frenzied ensuing circumnavigation. Since I'm no longer going loaded for hard climbing & soloing either, -locums orders- anyone who turns up, will be spared any bonus exposure in the form of soaring vertical frighteners, although it's unlikely they will escape tales of past exploits, that embed themselves deep inside fire places & crackling logs.
I've missed the Eysturoy
Straits, Risin & his pal Kellingin, the Vagar cliffs as well...the new 3 piece will resolve these issues once again - it's decided.
I've missed parking the black knife under huge cascading seaward bound waterfalls, screaming through tidal races, & warming my toes later at the fireside with Lars, in Gásadalur, for too long
. If you've never explored out here, amongst the vast micro-climate of cordite charged walls of stone, water & ice, if you've never survived quietly & alone, in a fight against unfettered weather & soaring brilliant horizon, you should. It's really that simple.

Jan Egil
Kristiansen who lives, works & kayaks around Føroyar, had concerns about my solo around the Fugloy edge, the need for week tides & subdued or favourable wind. Those concerns are there for good reason & anyone planning a repeat of that should listen in well, bring common sense & a strong intent, but still try it, & not back down until the end. The open water of Fugloy is a vastly different experience to that of the Hebridean coastlines, but again, with the right knowledge & preparation it need not be feared. Like Jan says, he doesn't have to be so tough since he can just wait for goood conditions. My trip was more a roller coaster with a time slot. Feasable but brrrr... Next trip, Jan & myself will journey somewhere together & I will enjoy life, rather than cling to its very threads.


Righty, I'm away to sit on the floor & watch storm fronts build along the Western Atlantic edge of Harris; while more importantly, saving
my otherwise nice new black Lendal carbon Kinetic from all those copiously applied advertising stickers, by peeling them off with an onion knife. It vexes me somewhat. Save a tree or sommat fellas, some tinsel maybe...I know who made the thing.

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