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Sunday, 28 October 2007

...& rain in the Valley, so to speak - & rain in the sky. Streaks of sun & white scratches across the seas. It can be a tough existence on the islands, make no mistake. Executive decisions often plague us, decisions far tougher than those that plague the white settlers, such as which direction to point the damn kayak in, or which one to take...Should I wear black...or black? Which untouched coral beach should I set off from... So sometimes you just sit in the machaired garden & take shots of rain on your black Acuta & get a wee bit distressed by it all, in woolly socks... wi a cup of tea... It's Sunday afterall.

This evening I'll maybe start writing up an amusing draft for OP of the Sgor na Lice & Sulasgeir solo - basically paddling out to a large distant gannet skerry full of poo, & back, pursued on occasion, by insane Nisich. I will also deftly weave into this, a relevant historical Norwegian handover in 1266, of a group of islands later to become known as the Na h-Innse Gall & later still, the Hebrides.

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