Monday, 10 September 2007
That wee, brilliant raw Amy Winehouse. Her big stone vocals snaking out of a 5ft 2" frame. The girl ain't scary, the girl's raw beauty. A dragged, clattered & upright soul, screaming talent, sleeping in rags, fighting cats, replete, chained & free...intelligent, sultry, funny, vibrant smokey & dismayed. All other women should stop trying to sing, right about now...

Once again, I cracked my head on the
Baidarka swung through the boat shed crossbeam, slave to the rhythm of a boiler suit & wellie lantern shuffle in the still of 2am, & once again, she's made me hit my own thumb with a hammer working, skeletal vision. I can't play her on roof tops & chimney pots, since my vigilance toward the resultant sashay lessens...& I fall off.
It's allowed - feeling your way through life. It punches through the mediocrity with greater commitment & presence.
She's allowed to look through cracked glass & gain perfect sight, as we all are, & only the scared will invent a thousand negatives in an attempt to flashbang their own. She has said her biggest fault is being human. Inside that translation, I find the words, fallible, weak, strong, extrovert, & introvert, foolishness & intelligence, amongst others. I would say those qualities are far from being a fault, more, an often undervalued rarity. Keep on keeping on. Invention & originality breed leaps in imagination & fresh perspectives. Just like Amy, & just as my kayaks & tuiliq parade, I am also only wearing black until they invent something darker...yet, there is light eminating from everywhere, & lately, a greater tendancy to reach out into it...

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