•≈ Stone Wave
Wednesday, 26 December 2007
Hebridean geology is wrought with bends in the earths skin - torn through like fractured bone open to the air. The longevity of shift, the subsonic murmur of tectonic plates, time & erosion. I feared once, that if I had put my hand upon it, I would have felt the heartbeaten scream of the very leviathan that carries us.

These curves make a great volcanic seat for about 15 or 20 people in a storm, & often becomes the spectator area when kayakers, surfers & kite surfers gather to fling their skills against giant Atlantic swell. Even if I'm not there with the qajaq, teaching rolls & wave combat, it's a great walk to the stone wave with the collie, made better in storm surges & high winds somehow; & throughout winter, the seat is empty, save for a lone figure with a woolly hat & a spinning dug chasing empty plastic bottles through a gale...
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