Thursday, 13 March 2008
Just spent some time back in amnesia lane amongst the black savagery of the Cuillin, subconsciously re-arranging my perspective... This is the place that gave my shoulders their current Subacromial Impingement, the place that led to cessation of climbing & the scraping of futuristic projects. Sleeping above the snowline photographing white lava streaks of snow against wild inscisored ridges as where it has come to... No sound save for the wind tearing its skin on the summits & grazing on wild grass, in the lower reaches. It's a different perspective in a sea kayak, grandious, yet impersonal. I know every rock, howff, escape & advance up here from my obsessive & hardcore climbing days, MRT rescue assists & bothy nights. Just as I do every rock, current, & anomaly in the outer island kayaking seas. 20 years have somehow passed. I realized long ago I'm not much good at anything else, so I made both my business, thoroughly & quietly. How is it a soul can have so much confidence out here, dancing through wild overhangs on the fingertips, meeting the Atlantic storm surges head on, yet not enough to go into the local bar? How did i become this shape i am today? How do any of us?

The other news is my Norwegian buddy •≈ Jan Egil Kristiansen who stays on & kayaks out of Føroyar, is getting things organized with kayaking groups & pulling people together in his islands, & I will be sitting in woolly socks by the fire with a dram both before & after a solo of the violent seas of Fugloy. At least, I hope they will live up to the fight they gave me a few years back. I had to abort after dancing with several 40 footers. He has also started up a Faroes section within the •≈Playak community. Things are looking positive for the trip, but how much single malt should I bring Jan? A fella can drown in so many ways. :o)

When you understand body mechanics, torque & fluidity, Greenlandic qajaq or qajariaq rolling is natural - soloing E7 is no different. Be a master of whatever you do, from learning to paddle in a straight line to advanced rolling. Never compromise yourself.

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At 19 March 2008 at 01:50, Blogger Keith

Sgian Dubh

I am really interested in your content, but unfortunately I can't read any of it due to the design.

It is high in creativity, but highly lacking in usability. I really dig the image of the paddler eskimo rolling and the compass. The grey on black and the background image that is the set at the height of the average browser 1024x768 means I can really only read your content when it is scrolled down to the black background area. If you have any questions on how to improve your usability let me know.


At 22 March 2008 at 15:04, Blogger •≈ Sgian Dubh

Hi there Keith. I've just darkened down the rear image slightly. Does this help?