Tuesday, 15 July 2008
...breezy rolling on the loch today.

Force 6 onshore - toasty in the sun - tepid underwater - spray in the eyes & the rear deck barely ever surfacing. The Sgian Dubh & I were in casual yet perfect synchronicity, communicating through hand rolls & play. Tomorrow, mileage training, gale or no gale & another half kilometre of roll variation.

Also, another random spot - for it is summer. Yesterday I saw the words Scottish Surf Team, backed up by a giant vinyl Saltire, plastered down one side of a battered white panel van parked in Tarbert, Harris with two P &H sea kayaks on the roof with assorted bits & bobs. I think the owners were in the blow up rubber bar while my collie dampened down the rear wheel. Was that you?

Teaching the Way of The Anas - a path for Padawan & master Jedi alike - same loch 24 hrs later - less breezy it is.
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