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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I found this astonishing, inspirational, emotional, honest & replete... In my qajaq I have felt this way, inside the frame, shooting off the hip & going home through creaking glens, performing the next great roll & feeling nothing when there is everything to feel...Zacks short film is an instant classic.

•≈ Zack

With that in mind I took the kayak out & through the wild arches, mad surf & stacs, ending up at Cladach Sgiogarstaigh where low slung rocks create a viewing amphitheatre below the waterline I took a slingshot into a small but natural haven, the drummed skin protesting at being forced onto rounded boulders. Ahead of me - small houses & crofts scattered out like cornflakes on a tabletop. Behind me, subsonic rumbles, great soaring arches & sea stacks. Dragging the sea kayak ashore, I watched a storm build out in the Atlantic & prepared to take this shot..

I ended up at the deserted 19th century harbour, deserted but for a few small craft rotting at the top of its slipway, it's walls gently clanking with loose chains & creel lines like an impatient old man tapping his pipe, waiting for the to'ing & fro'ing of purpose, or youth, to return...
I slipped back into the qajaq & pulled the Tuiliq over the coaming, setting a mind course in the darklight, for broth, a fire & sleep.

The next day, I was on that road back to Skye, weaving through dramatic clouds & swirling horizons. All of this punctuated by light & independant rain storms. Seconds after I took this shot I had thousands of tiny white balls in my hair :o)
Today is a day of 360° grey, rain & wind. The coliies nose is pressed against the window, as is mine...

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