Thursday, 16 August 2007
Enlightenment after Death

What happens to a man of enlightenment after death?
How should I know? the master replied.
Because you are a master...
The master smiled.
Yes that's true -but not a dead one.

Atop of the giant northerly arcing archipelago of Lewissian gniess, there waits a million year old stone wave, carved out at a time when planets shouldered for order across skies we have never seen. Built of stars & the dust from the origins of the stone works, this wave is dynamic inside a long stare, stationary to man's glimpse. What faith we install, to scamper black toothy volcanic incisors such as this. What ludicrous self admiration we bestow upon ourselves, to feed like Egyptian Plover, amongst black boned fractures of the planets own skellington, piercing it's skin & call ourselves conquistador.

I say skellington becuase Molly & her 6 years of vast planetary wisdom, is utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion, despite all my appeals. It's skellington & who am I to argue - She's right, I should learn my place aye..

Faith though is a great thing. Faith in the experience of others to guide you through precipitous overfalls, faith in knowledge & the passing on of that knowledge, & seeing a oneness, an ancient connection to your surrounding elements. The sea for many, the Northern Atlantic rollers, are something to be feared, & fear in turn, is deft at stopping a person living & experiencing. A little is healthy to keep your humility in check, but fear should not have bigger shoulders than the wave in your sights. I have recently been body rolling in some sizeable waves & a fierce rip, demonstrating balance brace, underwater perception, limb position & buoyancy & incremental effects, explaining one on one, the economics of moving with the flow, using that dynamic to aid self-righting rather than forcing a result of out an individual preconception of what may happen or what is about to happen & greeting it with rigidity. Muscling your way through isn't always the best way & trying to constantly pre-empt an invisible or unknown factor can become physically & mentally exhausting to a person before they have rolled or kayaked in joy. It takes faith & often, literal submersion, for an individual to trust their own bouyancy, their own engram reaction to that imminent capsize or wave impact - to have a response so intuitive, it is second nature. Just as in Aikido principles, there are ways to deflect direct impact by rolling it over your hips or inverting your centre of balance. When it gets to much, I shift the focus to play. Playing is an underrated teaching tool. We are covering ground, at the speed we are, although it sometimes frustrates me when people are not instantly, half porpoise...

Kayaking is simple, especially by it's origin of tradition. If the Inuit hunter could not hunt & return home to feed his family, that family would simply die, as would the existence they cut out of the ice & fashioned into a thriving culture, as would myth & generation. When sound principles are tattoed in, the Western white european approach often confounds me with its seemingly endless need to profit from burdening a simplicity with technology. It parades it's equipment, complication, rules, guidelines, qualification, insurance, pre-packaging & sterilized deals with engineered concepts of risk, adventure & discovery, set routes & acceptable quotas designed to run on a time schedule. Thus a falsehood, which attempts to turn the untamable elements into an offshore Butlins for labotomy patients. Do I believe this...or do I have some sort of cabin fever? What the hell do they do to relax? To connect with the rawness of a soul food, the blood seeping out of the earth? What happens to common sense, the human ability to read ahead, develop instinct, the brains inventive solution finding process, when a new generation of kayakers are taught absurd technology reliance? The best equipment you will ever own is your investment in physical & immediate enviromental self awareness, your ability to roll & self rescue effectively. One should no so much invest in Greenlandic sea kayaking skills per say, nor in climbing, & solely the translation or teaching of those skills. Nor should an individual corridor his focus into pre-determined definitions of gymnastics or Aikido or parkour. Rather, an individual should invest in understanding the physics of body geometry & it's universal application. Just as there are consistent laws of gravity, there are consistent laws of physiology. Not that an individual shouldn't specialize, or train intensely, but they should understand the source, the curl, outward from the centre, through the limbs into the finger tips, through the paddle, the kayak, & feel the waters response. There should be no seperation. Difficult water is an illusion in that sense, a fear formed from lack of enforcable understanding & applicable abilty, yet with the body mechanics tuned, a calm physcology in place, core response is underwritten & explosive joy is allowed to stream through attempts at sea going experiences that might otherwise, be retreated from. The individual who understands those core elements & truths of movement, no longer goes out to become a master of climbing, or kayaking, or parkour, or skiing, but simply exercises a profoundly dynamic understanding of the required physics to excel within the arena he/she happens to be frequenting at the time. With those rules in place, he/she will be able to specialize with a great, focused & fluid intensity. This is what the absent minded, the asleep-at-the-wheel, call naturally talented. It's a far more enlightened & less restrictive process, when your speciality is merely dynamic self-effaced application, rather than the constriction of that principle. They should be able to walk softly, but carry a big stick. They should be insatiable.

I think all I meant to say was, an uncarved block has more potential. That movement should notify the intellect but assail the soul, the core of emotion - that the race in bizarre rhetoric, will often try to think out simplicity, over complicating it, & miss key truths on the path to brilliance.

But then, talking about kayaking & rolling is a wheelchair for the brain, after the actual event - keep the faith.


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