Monday, 15 September 2008
Lets clear something up once & for all. Many will tell you of working collies & the hardships they endure - the chains that bind them to the mountainside - the scavenged food they harbour - the daily beatings - those beds in the rain under leaky roofs...
Of course, when we are stormbound in the bothy or banjaxed by blizzards; when he's not learning his log-rolling trick on my kayak, swimming in clears seas or chasing buoys, I neither, am soft on the black & white shadow that shares this path. I am a tough tough tough, heartless stone of a master, in keeping with tradition, & I can prove it with photographic evidence:

Seobhag fìorghlan na h-ealtainn

Bugger...well I tried aye..

•≈ Wenley, Ignatius Pistachio as I call him, from On Kayaks, is also on his way over from Spain & is due to drop in on Gordi Broon & then myself in a few days. Hopefully it will be an opportunity to see how his rolling has improved & maybe show him some crazy variations of Greenlandic rolls I've given a hybrid edge to. Stunt rolling with a bowling ball, in its own benign fashion can do more than have your eye out. It can steal breath from your lungs due to extended bouts of laughter. Yikes!...I hope he won't want to use the bathtub - it's full of whale bones gestating in readiness for Taqqat use. It's a dogs life aye. That reminds me...time to kick that lazy collie off his bed of nails...
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At 23 September 2008 at 13:29, Blogger eurion

You are a hard, hard task master.


At 26 September 2008 at 01:33, Blogger •≈ Sgian Dubh

Aye I know...I've really gotta stop giving him his own Mackerel on toast in the mornings when I make maself some aye... I even butter his crackers on the hillside...what's the world coming to...I feel ashamed.