Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Wether inside the turbulence of a full kayak roll, or free soloing inside the aerial boundaries above black crevassed talus, confidence in the axiom, the center, allowing the hips to dictate momentum, intuitive position, approach & speed of execution, will bring you into the light above the surface - effortless. Allowing physical transferral expands it. Trying to think it into existence stifles it. It - that circling whip of acceleration effortlessly enhancing the roll, the dynamic move, from its core into the outside edges - From here on, failing to stay upright is a joy & a reason to kayak, as is freefalling from the high reaches of a climb. Because you have confidence in the outcome of an event, because you have engramming in place, you are free to enjoy the space between losing & regaining what the teachers crassly term as control of an expected outcome. You are able to play in the gaps between knowledge.

I'd thought those words in my sleep last night & woke this morning scrabbling around for a scrap of paper, stumbling half asleep toes into the dogs water bowl. Positive visualization of technique is a valid tool, but attending your own talks in your sleep?... And that's another thing! Will the neurons at the back of my skulled auditorium, who insist on chattering through each unconscious lecture, please see me afterward!

A virtually effortless & self perpetuating circular motion exercise. A kayaker, climber or Aikidoka who understands flexibility & centered body movement will out muscle the muscle everytime. It's like...how do I put it... command or coercion with a passive voice aye, a secretive collusion of asymmetric symmetry resulting in a perfect roll...
My biggest challenge will soon be learning to stay upright, as I realize I spend most of my time teaching people to fall over...
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