Sunday, 22 March 2009

Qajaq Building with Skyak Adventures

•≈ Turner Wilson -& I imagine Cheri also- will be visiting Gordon Brown & the Isle of Skye from the 6th to the 17th of May. He will be here to guide anyone interested in participating, in the building & design of their own skin-on-frame qajaq. Duncan Winning will also be there as will Mark Partridge, bringing to the table a vast knowledge base in wood selection, boatbuilding & paddling expertise.

The cost will be £1250.00 per head & this will include all materials use of the workshop & tools. Not bad when you wiegh it all up. Your own skin-on-frame & a gain in knowledge & build techniques for just over a thousand notes. There are no many SoFs on the islands & it would be good to see a few more trucking around. Gordon & Morag say that this does not include accomodation but they can easily guide individuals to their preferred option. Personally I'd go for camping at the end of their garden with a banjo. :o)
I would have been there to help people fine tune their rolling, advanced or basic & get to grips with their new low volume delights for free as a side show, but unfortunately I will be engaged elsewhere with a prior Igdlorssuit client commitment...

Anyone still interested in a place on the course should drop an email in on Gordi & Morag at or maybe ring that bell on 01471 833428 - Places are going like hot cakes! I'm sure it will be a great gig & a success to be repeated.

Once upon a time...

There was a qajaq-rolling junkie, who met a qajaq-rolling fool...

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