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Thursday, 5 March 2009
Sometimes if you put the kayak in the sea - you may not be around for very long. Needless to say I was still tempted to get into a knife fight with the elements. :o)

Ama whale on a beach without these pelagic fireworks, without this ocean. The Anas & my soul are primed. Today was a day of huge Atlantic storm waves trying to climb 150ft cliffs....& nearly making it!
I was perched on a 4ft skiddily wet ledge, having downclimbed a 30 or so foot section of damp cliff when this came thundering in. I got a wee bit wet & nearly torn off, but it was worth grimacing for the shot. I should dig out those mouldy old climbing ropes next time. For a bit of perspective, the small white ledge left in the black mass could easily accomodate two adults.
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At 5 March 2009 at 22:26, Blogger Thomas Armstrong

I must say your photography is stunning. I too have stood on narrow ledges and watched as the North Atlantic tried to bite into northern Scotland, and was thrilled by every minute of it. Please send me news of the Anas sof build. Your'e up soon. And thanks for every post.



At 14 March 2009 at 13:55, Blogger •≈ Sgian Dubh

Hey Thomas,
Thanks for the positive feedback on my photies :o)
I'll get my skates on with Anas SoF detailing. I've no forgotten you & I've been tapping away at things quietly. The Igdlorssuit hybrid frame is still lain out like the rib cage of some archaic sea dwelling creature long since stranded in the desert. I must press on with that...The black & white qajaq movie is coming on strong, at least, in dribs & drabs.

It's funny ya know. Somebody the other week asked: Why don't you have your kayaks in the frame very much?...You have such beautiful kayaks...
I replied: Well, do you position your car in in the middle of each landscape before you press the trigger?...
The qajaq is my car, I guess I take it for granted & should post more up, but its tricky when you solo lots, especially in the adventurous conditions I often cross swords with. A camera is often the last thing on my mind. I also detest those nose shots that litter the web...

So many projects on the go it's a matter of juggling all the balls. Do I roll today, teach, or sit & write? Maybe I should grab the tripod & an abseil rope? No no, I'll roll with the tripod on my head while stitching the SoF frame & entertaining the collie by kicking giant fluorescent buoys around the field...I mean...I would if I could get untangled from the Qajaasaarneq ropes :0)

You get the picture :0)

I'll catch up wi ya soon enough.